Tranoudis Engineering
& Surveying Solutions

T.E.S.S. (Tranoudis Engineering & Surveying Solutions ) is forging a path of continuous innovation in the provision of high quality surveying services.


T.E.S.S (Tranoudis Engineering & Surveying Solutions) offers a wide range of high quality services covering a large number of applications in the field of surveying and engineering.

With experience in notarial deeds , building permits , Cadastral Office, Forestry Department and other procedures, T.E.S.S ensures evidence-based solutions.


At T.E.S.S we provide high quality surveying services.

From architectural plans and building permits to the regulation of property and providing expert legal opinions , the company stands out for the wide range of specialized services provided.


By using the most advanced surveying tools and integrating geolocation drones, we push the boundaries of technology to fully meet the needs of each and every client.

Drone dji phantom 4 obsidian black edition

Satellite receiver GNSS (GPS+GLONASS+ GALILEO+BEIDOU) Spectra SP60 L1/L2 , Rover RTK

Geodetic station Leica Ts06 with 5″ angular accuracy


At the heart of its technical innovation is the founder of T.E.S.S, Topographical Engineer Ioannis Tranoudis, with his commitment to high quality and targeting the needs of each client, who elevates the company to the forefront of its industry.

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