The Company

The Company

T.E.S.S (Tranoudis Engineering & Surveying Solutions) offers a wide range of high quality services covering a large number of applications in the field of surveying and engineering.

From surveying, mapping and demarcation of land parcels to interpretation of aerial photographs and photovoltaic park layouts.

With experience in notarial deeds, building permits, Cadastral Office, Forestry Department and other procedures, T.E.S.S ensures evidence-based solutions.

In collaboration with a certified laboratory, we offer calibration – titration in accordance with international standards.

From architectural plans and building permits to the regulation of property and providing expert legal opinions, the company stands out for the wide range of specialized services provided.

T.E.S.S. (Tranoudis Engineering & Surveying Solutions ) is forging a path of continuous innovation in the provision of high quality surveying services.

By using the most advanced surveying tools and integrating geolocation drones, we push the boundaries of technology to fully meet the needs of each and every client.

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