Services Provided

At T.E.S.S we provide high quality surveying services.

  • Surveying
  • Mapping
  • Demarcation of land parcels
  • Interpretations of Aerial Photographs
  • Topographical diagrams based on HGRS87
  • Topographical diagrams within and outside the urban planning zone for:
  1. Notarial acts
  2. Building permits
  3. Cadastral Office
  4. Forestry Department
  5. Licensing for the installation of photovoltaic systems on parcels of land
  • Subdivision / Combination of land parcels
  • Photovoltaic Park zoning
  • Support / Design / Certification of Wind Farms
  • Architectural plans: Floor plans-Sections-Elevation Plans
  • Building permits and small-scale permits
  • Regulation of Property (Law 4495/2017)
  • Engineer’s Certificates for property transfers
  • Expert legal opinions
  • Construction checks
  • Electronic Building Identity (EBI)
  • Drone flights by a certified pilot for (construction inspection, floor views, etc.)
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